The Industry of Self-Publishing

Are you interested in publishing your book but don’t have money or space for storing 500 or more books?  Print-on-Demand (POD) is the best way for authors to get their books printed without a huge outlay of cash.

Print-on-Demand is a process whereby a book is printed when ordered, with as few as one at a time being produced.  How can that be cost-effective?  A large machine has been developed that can print the inner pages, print the full cover, then trim and put the book together from your digital file.

Cost varies based on the trim size of the book, color or black and white interior, the number of pages, among other factors, and can be printed for as low as $2.75 for a 100-page book.

Both CreateSpace and IngramSpark are POD providers and serve the self-publishing industry well.  They both offer calculators online that allow you to find the cost and royalties available through their company.  Check them out:





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