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Thrilled isn’t the half of it!

Having created a book full of tables, charts, graphs, and step-by-step lists, I was concerned it could never be an e-book at a reasonable price.  I was greatly surprised how easy it was to create an e-book format that maintained all my formatting and displayed all the visuals I had designed.

When I discovered Amazon® Textbook Creator, I knew I had found the answer.  Amazon Textbook Creator is a small program downloaded to your computer, and as with most of Amazon’s publishing tools, is free.  It converts a PDF file to a readable e-book format for Kindle fire tablets and for their app’s on most other tablets and phones.  This program made creating my book quick and efficient.

As a first step, I saved my file as an Adobe® PDF in Microsoft® Word, which maintained my headings as a separate Table of Contents.  I then opened the file in Adobe PDF, inserted my cover page, and resaved the file.  The final steps were so easy:

  1. I opened the PDF in Amazon’s Textbook Creator,
  2. saved it in their format,
  3. then “packaged” it for uploading.  Packaging is their term for saving it in the readable Kindle file format.

An upload to my Kindle account, and voilà …the e-book was done and ready.

I would see two limitations to this type of e-book.

  1. The viewer (reader)  is not able to resize the font.  Since I wanted my content to remain intact, I did not consider this an issue.
  2. The second limitation is the clickable Table of Contents does not seem to be extensive on devices other than the Kindle fire tablets.  Again, not a deal stopper for me.  I left my Microsoft Word Table of Contents in the document so all headings are available in one place and easy to get to from there.

If you’d like to see what it looks like, check out the preview at Amazon:

Wishing you success.


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