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The Industry of Self-Publishing

CreateSpace Much has been in the news lately about CreateSpace leaving customers stranded.  According to their latest e-mail to customers, they will continue to publish books but will be eliminating their services component of the business:  editing, formatting, design and other services.  They have stated any updates or changes needed to products where these services […]


The Industry of Self-Publishing

Are you interested in publishing your book but don’t have money or space for storing 500 or more books?  Print-on-Demand (POD) is the best way for authors to get their books printed without a huge outlay of cash. Print-on-Demand is a process whereby a book is printed when ordered, with as few as one at […]

Pressing It

Book News Publicity The Industry of Self-Publishing

Just wanted to take a minute to share some publicity our company, Raven Books, received this week.  Currently, we have six books, two of them award-winners.  What a great boost for our self-publishing business.  Look for my next post, where I will be discussing press releases and how to optimize your coverage. Book smarts: Retired couple […]

Why Self-Publish?

The Industry of Self-Publishing

Authors often wonder if there are advantages to self-publishing other than the obvious agent/publisher issues. You’ve probably heard that publishers don’t accept books directly from an author, and the agents necessary to make connections with publishers are taking fewer authors unless they have a proven track record. But there are many advantages to self-publishing and […]

Self-Publishing is Not a Stigma

The Industry of Self-Publishing

How would you like to join the likes of Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling,or Beatrix Potter? Or maybe you are a little more contemporary in your style, like E.L. James (50 Shades of Gray), Lisa Genova (Still Alice), or Andy Weir (The Martian). These are just a small sampling of famous authors who began their writing […]