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Thrilled isn’t the half of it! Having created a book full of tables, charts, graphs, and step-by-step lists, I was concerned it could never be an e-book at a reasonable price.  I was greatly surprised how easy it was to create an e-book format that maintained all my formatting and displayed all the visuals I had […]

It’s Ready!

Book News

The book, Self-Publishing: Sharing the Secrets, is now available from, both as an e-book and a print book.  It is fully indexed, complete with a glossary and checklists you can copy to use when you are submitting your book for copyright, ISBN, publishing, or marketing. Print: E-Book: To give you an idea […]

Book Coming Soon!

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due to be released first part of June. It’s always a little nerve-racking to know you can push a button, and several hundreds miles away you have set a motion into play. It seems even more white-knuckly when it’s the book you have cradled for the last few months: feeding it bits of information every day, massaging it until it […]

The Secrets I Wish I Knew Then


Welcome to Self-Publishing Secrets. Over the last 20 years, I have helped create textbooks, novels, poetry books, and artistic books. The learning curve was gradual in the beginning.  Then things changed, and it was often difficult to get enough information about how to use the new ways to self-publish.  As technology evolved, it brought a rush of even newer and […]