About Self-Publishing Secrets

When we began self publishing over 20 years ago, it involved a visit to our local printer to have them set up and print the book. We came home with boxes and boxes of books. We then had to store the books, and solely were responsible for how and where they sold.

Then a few adventurous souls became small publishers. We collaborated and worked with a small publisher to set up our book, and he provided an ISBN with his company imprint. It was great to have paperback novels look like “the big boys.” The publisher took over the responsibility of connecting with distributors and providing publicity, too.

With the advancement of technology, we chose to venture out on our own. We began publishing our own books again, but this time we used online resources and grew with the industry. We established our own publishing company and online store, Raven Books, and have several books to our credit.

Things have sure changed, and it’s even easier to self-publish today. Anyone with writing skills and some computer knowledge can publish their own works, complete with their own imprint and ISBN. Authors can use online services, choose their distribution method, and the printer will print the book whenever even just one is ordered.

What a fantastic journey it has been, and I’m proud to have been a part of it for the past twenty years. My passion is writing and publishing, whether it be poetry, novels, technical reports, or my latest book called Self-Publishing: Sharing the Secrets. This website is designed to supplement the book, share some of the secrets, and to keep followers informed of changes in the industry.

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